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E-mail newsletters, also called e-newsletters, e-zines or e-mail news, represent a cost effective way to stay in touch with current and potential customers. In fact, you probably receive one or more e-newsletters as a result of doing business with a company (for example, L.L. Bean, Amazon, Midwest Airlines) or because you gave your business card to someone at a networking event.

Why Use E-Newsletters?

E-newsletters provide many advantages for both large and small businesses:

  • Inexpensive to produce and send. Electronic format and delivery eliminates the costs of printing and mailing.
  • Fast. Once the content and design of the e-newsletter are complete, e-mail delivery is relatively instantaneous. If used effectively, e-newsletters offer the opportunity to deliver important, time-sensitive information to your customers in cyber-seconds.
  • Flexible. You can customize your newsletter for different segments of your mailing list. For example, you might focus on growing your business in two different target groups, for example, restaurants and industrial parks. You can easily modify your newsletter content to appeal to these different segments.
  • Consistent look and feel. When you decided on the color, design and format of your e-newsletter, you will be able to be consistent from one issue to the next.

SPAM – and How to Avoid Being Deleted

Because e-mail marketing has become so popular, some companies abuse it. For this reason, it is crucial to comply with the provisions of the CAN-SPAM legislation. You can avoid your e-newsletter being considered SPAM by following some basic rules:

  • Don’t use purchased e-mail lists. Your e-newsletter subscribers should include those who have signed up on your web site or with whom you have a business relationship.
  • Do provide an easy way for recipients of your e-newsletter to “opt out.” Most e-marketing delivery systems provide this feature.
  • Do provide useful and interesting content. Your newsletter will be recognized, read, and forwarded to others if it contains content that is interesting and relevant to your readers.

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