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Printed newsletters – newsletters that are published on paper and mailed – represent an effective way to stay in touch with customers, clients, patients, and members of charitable or not-for-profit groups. Unlike an e-newsletter, a printed newsletter does not require you to have e-mail addresses for your audience, and it is ideal for a customer base that does not regularly use e-mail.

And when the printed newsletter employs attractive, easy to read layout, graphics and fonts, printed professionally on high quality paper, it enhances your company’s image.

What Makes a Printed Newsletter Successful?

Successful printed newsletters contain compelling content, use effective graphics and layout, are easy to read, and appear on time.

Compelling content makes your audience want to read your newsletter, save it, and share it with others. To be compelling, content should be interesting, informative, and solve a problem for the reader. Purely promotional newsletters are more likely to be given the circular file than a newsletter that is useful to the reader.

Effective, professional quality graphics and layout make your newsletter catch the eye and enhance your business image. White space at the top and bottom of pages and in the margins creates visual “breathing room” in the layout for your reader. On the other hand, graphics that are distracting or that create a cluttered layout, cause the reader’s eye to jump around, making it unlikely that your audience will want to read further or watch for the next issue.

Easy to read fonts and writing style go a long way toward assuring that your audience reads and remembers your newsletter. Avoid using unusual fonts or more than three font styles within your newsletter.

Successful printed newsletters appear on time. Make a firm commitment about frequency, content, and overall consistent appearance. A newsletter that appears sporadically generally does not build the name recognition and top of mind that is much of the reason for investing in a newsletter.

Printed Newsletter Costs

Printed newsletters, because they must be printed and mailed, may be more expensive than some other forms of customer communication. Nevertheless, there are some ways to reduce your printing and mailing costs. Check into bulk mailing rates and requirements, eliminate the need for an envelope by including space for a mailing label, or use one or two colors instead of four.

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